Science of Collaboratories: A Compilation

This is a reader, kind of a compilation of articles deposited here at the Science of Collaboratories. At this time, I find myself more-or-less “sifting” through the piles of information and opinions and research that have come before me. It’s a little overwhelming, if I am to be utterly honest with you.

When a person begins a blog, it’s typically already pretty much thought out about what he or she intends to journal about or write about. Same thing with different podcasts and stuff. I remember first reading some Dave Ramsey (creator of Financial Peace University) stuff. I remember hearing him on radio.

The problem is that while a personality says they’re going to write about one thing, and then veers off into other areas (in Mr. Ramsey’s case, he’s an evangelical Christian, and while that’s fine for his life, if he injects his beliefs into his financial teachings, that is just not going to appeal to everyone), one is bound to lose some subscribers/readers – and, of course, gain others who subscribe to his beliefs.

So, as I begin sifting through all this stuff in front of me, I want to try to be mindful that I stay on topic and not allow personal beliefs unduly influence the basic messages I want to provide. I know that no one can please everyone, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to try to remain neutral with my approach. Thanks for listening and stopping by.